Jane Buckman Hightower

The Parker and Jane Buckman Hightower Family
hulajane.JPG (48821 bytes)   Jane Buckman
jane_hs.jpg (59565 bytes)   Jane Frances Buckman
jane_jeans.JPG (79607 bytes) June, 1953 Jane Frances Buckman shows her true colors wearing her blue jeans under her wedding gown.  This was only a fitting but Jane threatened to wear her jeans at her wedding.
janeparkerwed.jpg (154967 bytes) June 10, 1953 Wedding photo of Parker Joseph Hightower and Jane Frances Buckman
joekelly.jpg (102716 bytes) 1957 Joe and Kelly Hightower
janehula.jpg (129298 bytes) 1957 Rock a bye baby!  Jane Frances with Monica Jane Hightower
Hightowers_Alice_1963.jpg (158604 bytes) June 1963 Three Hightowers and Alice Gander:  Mandi, Monti, Kelly Hightower and Alice.
jane25th.jpg (448278 bytes) June, 1978 25th Wedding Anniversary photo of the Parker and Jane Hightower family:   Monti, Joe, Kelly, Lance, Mandi with Parker and Jane.
fgjb_87.jpg (102646 bytes) October, 1987 If you want to know what this photo is about, ask Frances Buckman:  images/Otis_Buckman/fgjb_87t.jpg.  Aunt Frances had a great habit of giving away photos of herself with her own handwriting on the back. 
frances_jane_small.jpg (2134 bytes) October, 1987 Frances Genevieve Jarboe Buckman and daughter Jane Frances Buckman Hightower at the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Cliff and Joe Gander.  (Vic and Jan Cline are in the background.)
janes.jpg (61173 bytes) June, 1998 Parker and Jane Hightower on their 45th anniversary at the Parker Hightower ball park:  Joe, Jane, Kelly, Parker, Monti, Mandi, Lance
jimkelly.jpg (35473 bytes) June, 1998 Jim Buckman with his niece Kelly Hightower
samalice.tif (826363 bytes) June, 1998 Alice Gander with Sam Buckman.  Alice is the youngest grandchild on the Jarboe side and Sam is the youngest grandchild on the Buckman side.
mandis.jpg (148072 bytes) 1998 Chuck and Mandi Hightower Kilgo with children Ellen, Emily and Carson
montis.jpg (154144 bytes) 1998 Richard and Monti Hightower Allen and children James Parker (JP), Andrea Jane (Andie) and Beth Anne.
mandikids.jpg (162560 bytes) 1999 Emily, Carson and Ellen Kilgo, children of Chuck and Mandi Hightower Kilgo
Dress_Up_1.jpg (53720 bytes) 2000 Playing dress-up
Dress_Up_2.jpg (55603 bytes) 2000 Playing dress-up
Dress_Up_3.jpg (56893 bytes) 2000 Playing dress-up