Don and Liz Gander

The Donald Joseph and Elizabeth Ketsenburg Gander Family
Cliff_Don_1938.jpg (101207 bytes) July 1938 Cliff Gander holding first child Donald Joseph
Jo_Don_1_month.jpg (150462 bytes) 1938 Josephine holding Don Gander, one month old
jo_don.jpg (109298 bytes) 1938 Josephine and Don Gander
Don_Easter_1939.jpg (129665 bytes) Easter 1939 Don Gander
don_grandma.JPG (109746 bytes) 1939 Donald Joseph Gander with his grandmother Gertrude Lee Bell Jarboe.
Don_Easter_1940.jpg (175732 bytes) Easter 1940 Don Gander
Don_on_toy.jpg (141954 bytes) 1940 Don Gander
don_1_yr.jpg (163636 bytes) 1939 Don Gander one year old
Don_16_months.jpg (130423 bytes) 1939 Don Gander 16 months old
don_1941.jpg (122196 bytes) 1941 Don Gander
Don_3 yrs_old.jpg (119092 bytes) 1941 Don Gander three years old
Don_on_tractor_1941.jpg (102574 bytes) 1941 Don on tractor
Don_Paul_Easter_1941.jpg (130311 bytes) Easter 1941 Don and Paul Gander
Anna_Lou_Don_1942.jpg (54157 bytes) 1942 Anna Lou Jarboe with her nephew Donald Gander

Photo courtesy of Betty White 

don1stcomm.jpg (43755 bytes) Don Gander's first communion photo
don_dog.jpg (79873 bytes) c. 1944 Don Gander
Don_rifle.jpg (79333 bytes) c. 1950 Don Gander
Don_rifle_dog.jpg (82796 bytes) c. 1950 Don Gander
donscout.jpg (37396 bytes) 1951 Don as a Boy Scout
Don_high_school.jpg (68932 bytes) 1956 Don Gander high school graduation photo.
Don & Liz Wedding  Dec. 27,1958.jpg (120808 bytes) December 27, 1958 Wedding of Elizabeth Louise Ketsenburg and Donald Joseph Gander.   Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Monroe City, Missouri.
DonLiz58.jpg (101664 bytes) December 27, 1958 Wedding Party of Don and Liz Gander.  From left to right:  Mary Ann Ketsenburg, Delores Hope Gander, Phyllis Ketsenburg Olson, Elizabeth Ketsenburg, Donald Gander, Paul Robert Gander, Victor R. Cline.  The bridesmaids were all sisters of the bride and groom.  Vic Cline was a friend of Don's from the Air Force.   Vic later married Liz's friend Janet Schiefferdecker in 1960.  Vic and Jan live in the Shelbyville area.
joe_gander_baby.JPG (92225 bytes) 1960 Joseph Paul Gander
Don_kids_1968.jpg (121417 bytes) Summer 1968 Joseph Paul, Maria Louise, Teresa Lee and Michael Eugene Gander
Don Gander Kids 12-24-1968.jpg (72007 bytes) December 24, 1968 Michael Eugene, Teresa Lee, Maria Louise and Joseph Paul Gander
Maria & Larry  Wedding 1984.jpg (356449 bytes) July 27, 1984 Wedding photo of Larry Bradshaw and Maria Louise Gander
teresa.jpg (311663 bytes) May 25, 1985 Teresa Lee Gander and Russell Hettinger
Cathy Jo & David May 23, 1998.jpg (190619 bytes) May 23, 1998 Cathy Jo Gander and David Pfaff.  Cathy Jo is the daughter of Joe Gander and the granddaughter of Don and Liz Gander.
Dons_grandkids_0899.jpg (169221 bytes) August, 1999 Back row:  Janelle Elizabeth Bradshaw, Kristopher Eugene Gander, Cathy Jo Gander Pfaff, David Shaun Pfaff.Front row:  Leah Elaine Hettinger, Risa Jo Hettinger, Reann Adele Hettinger, Chelsea Michelle Gander, Drake Bradshaw
drake4.jpg (125135 bytes) Fall 1999

Drake Bradshaw, great-great-grandson of Harvey Smithton Gander, working the sugar cane to make sorghum.  Harvey Gander produced "Gander's Best" sorghum molasses for many years.   You can see a few photos of the original endeavor at

drake3.jpg (100857 bytes) Fall 1999 Drake Bradshaw
drake1.jpg (171039 bytes) Fall 1999 Drake Bradshaw
Kristopher_Gander_10_2000.jpg (168274 bytes) October, 2000 Kristopher Eugene Gander, 18 years old.  Kristopher joined the U.S. Marine Corps in August after finishing Monroe City High School.  He has been in California during his training program.
KidsOct00.jpg (182901 bytes) October 2000 Children of Russell and Teresa Gander Hettinger:  Reann holding Lance, Leah, Risa Jo.
Drake_Larry_Sept2000.jpg (110082 bytes) September 2000 Drake and Larry Bradshaw making sorghum
Drake_Larry_Sorghum.jpg (73105 bytes) September 2000 Drake and Larry Bradshaw making sorghum