Alice Gander

The Joel Dobson and Alice Gander Family
alicebb1.jpg (217700 bytes) January 9, 1956 The front page of the birth announcement (closed and then opened) for Alice Bell Gander.  She was the first member of her family to be born in a hospital, St. Elizabeth Hospital in Hannibal, MO.
alicebb3.jpg (200756 bytes) January 9, 1956 The inside note of Alice's birth announcement, written by her sister Hope who had prayed for over 10 years to have a little sister.  Finally, when Hope would soon be 13, she got her wish.  Actually, Alice's mother Josephine thought she was sick and might have cancer up to the time she was 4 1/2 months pregnant with Alice.   What a relief(?) to know it was "only a baby".
dpha1956.jpg (84759 bytes) January 1956 Don, Paul and Hope Gander with their new little sister Alice Bell.   You can see how "thrilled" the 15 year old Paul is about his sister Hope having her prayers come true.
guychris.jpg (166777 bytes) August, 1952 Otis Guy and Mary Christine Bruegenhemke Buckman.  Guy Buckman and Chris Buckman are the godparents of Alice Bell Gander.
abg_xmas57.jpg (86205 bytes) Christmas, 1957 The youngest grandchild rakes in the loot!  This was at her Aunt Bernadette Jarboe Kelly's house.  The stuffed doll Alice is holding was a gift from her Aunt Anna Lou Jarboe.  The stuffed monkey on the floor under the high heels must have been a gift from Bernadette.  Alice still has the stuffed monkey which was a favorite toy for years.  The stuffed doll was last seen at her parent's house and is probably still there.
LAURA_MA_small.JPG (2329 bytes) January, 1960 Alice Gander, Marla and Laura Buckman at the 4th Birthday Party of Alice.   We all had a great time making our party hats out of old Field and Stream magazines.  It didn't cost a lot to entertain us!
Hightowers_Alice_1963.jpg (158604 bytes) June 1963 Three Hightowers and Alice Gander:  Mandi, Monti, Kelly Hightower and Alice.
bday66.jpg (85694 bytes) January, 1966 Birthday Party with the girls from Holy Rosary School
alice_66.jpg (89021 bytes) Around 1967 Alice Bell Gander
birthday.jpg (72095 bytes) January 1968? Another Birthday Party with the girls from Holy Rosary School.  Alice never had a birthday without a party of some sort
bunking.jpg (205110 bytes) August, 1969 Bunking party for the girls of Holy Rosary School at Alice's house.   The thirteen 13 year olds kept Josephine awake all night.  As a result of our rattling around, she determined that all the windows in the house needed to be puttied.   We girls had a really great night including a moonlight, midnight, stalk out to the blacktop in our 'jammies.
bday70.jpg (88611 bytes) January, 1970 14th Birthday party.  Mom made homemade donuts, fried chicken and a feast of other things.  We had a great time on the pond.
sweetr16.jpg (68927 bytes) January, 1972 16th Birthday party.  Rick Adams and Nancy Hays.  The shy couple is Danny Foster and Jeanne Hays.
alice_74.jpg (58998 bytes) 1974 High School Graduation photo and news clippings from Monroe City News.

abg74txt.gif (197919 bytes)

kwp_abg.jpg (62195 bytes) February, 1986 Kim Williams and Alice Gander on top of the World Trade Center tower in Manhattan.  Kim and Alice graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.  Kim is an Architect and Alice is a Mechanical Engineer.  Kim married Guiseppe Pacini and lives in Fuccechio, Italy, near Florence.  Kim and Beppe have a son Matteo.  Kim is the author of the architecture book "Italian Pavements:  Patterns in Space", Kim Williams Pacini, Anchorage Press.  Kim's parents, Bill and Frances Williams live in Houston, Texas.
alicewed.jpg (389634 bytes) January 6, 1988 Wedding photo of Alice Gander and Joel Dobson.  Married at Point Pleasant Resort on St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.
alcejoel.jpg (189498 bytes) Christmas, 1998 Alice Gander and Joel Dobson at Cliff and Jo's house for Christmas.
co74.jpg (166677 bytes) July 3, 1999 The 25th High School Anniversary photo of the girls of Monroe City High.   Left to right (by maiden name):  Front row:  Linda Kay Webb, Karen Buckwalter, Becky Trussell; Back row:  Diane Walker, Hedy Beth Rothfuss, Pam Greening, Lisa Shively, Joan Yates, Kathy Yates, Sue Yager, Sheryl McMurdo, Nancy Hays, Linda Large, Julie Spalding, Alice Gander
Photos of Alice Gander and Joel Dobson yard
Construction1.jpg (155398 bytes) January 1998 Under construction
Construction2.jpg (155023 bytes) February 1998 Construction behind the house
Construction3.jpg (151753 bytes) February 1998 Construction of the entryway from the driveway to the patio behind the house
Joel_1998.jpg (147607 bytes) April 1998 Joel Dobson sitting on the new patio behind the house
6_1998.jpg (124153 bytes) June 1998 Hope Gander Goodwin sitting on the patio outside of the dining room
4_1999.jpg (189021 bytes) April 1999 The view from the driveway
4_1999_1.jpg (115889 bytes) April 1999 The view of the stairs
4_1999_2.jpg (125837 bytes) April 1999 The view of the patio and deck outside of the dining room
4_1999_3.jpg (187513 bytes) April 1999 The view when coming in from the driveway