Cousin Fun

This is a collection of snapshots of cousins having fun together.
1939_Easter_cousins.jpg (94273 bytes) 1939 Easter Sunday.  Three 1st cousins:  Left, Anna Madge Buckman going on 3, Donald Gander going on 1, Gerry Montgomery, going on 2 at Jarboe Grandparents' in Monroe City, MO.

Photo courtesy of Jane Hightower

Kentalce.jpg (81009 bytes) 1957 Alice Gander and Betty White's son Kent White (Bernadette Jarboe's grandson) at the Monroe City Centennial.
KIMALICE.JPG (98833 bytes) Thanksgiving,


Jim Buckman's son Kim (Frances Jarboe's grandson) with Alice Gander.
gerikim.jpg (144498 bytes) January, 1960 Grandchildren of Otis and Frances Buckman.  First born children of Madge Buckman March and Jim Buckman:  Geri Lee March and David Kimball Buckman.
otis_grandkids.JPG (60405 bytes) 1958 Otis and Frances Buckman's Grandkids: Top to bottom, left to right:

Laura Buckman, Charlene White holding Geri March, Guy Pat White, Steve White holding Monica Hightower, Chuck White, Marla Buckman, Cynthia White holding Mike March, Joe Hightower, Del Buckman holding Jenine Buckman, Kim Buckman, Kelly Hightower, Sid Buckman

LAURA_MA.JPG (82032 bytes) January 9, 1960 Alice Gander's fourth birthday party celebrated with Guy Buckman's daughters Marla and Laura.
KELLYALC.JPG (103241 bytes) 1963 Alice Gander and Kelly Hightower in front of the Hightower's car at Alice Gander's farm.
Hightowers_Alice_1963.jpg (158604 bytes) June 1963 Three Hightowers and Alice Gander:  Mandi, Monti, Kelly Hightower and Alice.
GERIKELY.JPG (118422 bytes) August, 1964 Geri March, Alice Gander, Kelly Hightower at Otis and Frances Buckman's.   Chuck White is partly visible in the back.
chickens.JPG (67824 bytes) mid 1960s Three little helpers:  Bridget Buckman, Mandi Hightower, Patti March plucking chickens at their grandma Frances Buckman's house.
FAIRYJIL.JPG (253175 bytes) 1966 Jill  Raymond and Fairy Foster with Alice Gander.  Jill and Fairy are first cousins (their mothers  Eva and Dorothy Pendleton are sisters) and granddaughters of Iona Hope Branch Gander's sister Fairy Branch Pendleton.
PONY.JPG (353802 bytes) 1966 Alice Gander and Kelly Hightower on Alice's pony Star.  Joe, Mandi and Monti Hightower standing.  At Cliff Gander's farm.
KELWANAL_small.JPG (2860 bytes) July 26, 1970 Alice Gander, Wanda Cole, Kelly Hightower at a picnic hosted at Pea Ridge Mennonite Church.
kelwanal87.jpg (75590 bytes) October, 1987 17 years later:  Alice Gander, Kelly Hightower, Wanda Cole Foxall.   At the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Cliff and Jo Gander.
cjo_mona.jpg (418196 bytes) Christmas Eve, 1980 Cathy Jo Gander Pfaff and Mona Jo Gander, 23 months old.  Cathy Jo's grandfather Don and Mona Jo's father Paul are brothers.  Cathy Jo was born 6 days after Mona in January, 1979.
kisscous.jpg (178147 bytes) August 26, 1984 Kissing cousins:  Ashley McElroy daughter of Gary and Laura Buckman McElroy and Travis Zeiger, son of Tim and Jenine Buckman Zeiger
Marti_Heidi_Madalyn.jpg (40295 bytes) July 1999 Marti Behring, daughter of Gene and Guyla Buckman Behring and Heidi and Madalyn Potterfield, daughters of Phillip and Bridget Buckman Potterfield.  Heidi and Madalyn are getting ready to compete in the Prince and Princess contest at the fair.   Marti may be too young but she's in on the fun.
Michaela_Stone1.jpg (27437 bytes) July 1999 Michaela Elaine Gottman, daughter of Trent and Consetta Buckman Gottman and Stone Rennolds Potterfield, son of Phillip and Bridget Buckman Potterfield.   Michaela is just one month older than Stone.