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This website has been established to provide a central information network for the descendents of:

Joseph M. and Elizabeth Lewellen (Worland) Jarboe, John Thomas and Maria Louise (Saunders) Bell and James Adelbert and Gertrude Lee (Bell) Jarboe.

Members of this family can use this site to research their ancestry, look for important dates, find addresses of long lost cousins,  and just generally stay in touch and appreciate their history. 


My name is Alice Bell Gander.  I am your host for this web site.  The name of the site comes from the practice of my mother's side of the family to call me Alice Bell.  It is a version of my name that I associate with family parties and general good times.  But it is not actually named for me, specifically.  Rather, the name Alice Bell has applied over the last 140 years to quite a number of ancestors and relatives.  The website name is meant as a generic name, not MY name.

I am the youngest grandchild on both sides of my family - James Adelbert and Gertrude Lee (Bell) Jarboe and Harvey Smithton and Iona Hope (Branch) Gander.  By virtue of the long, fertile lives of my ancestors, I bridge what would normally be four or five generations in other families.  My mother turned 40 the year I was born and her father was 47 when she was born.  This means that I must be one of a small number of Americans my age whose grandfather was born before 1870.  As I have no children of my own, I pass on the legacy of my family through other means.  I inherited a strong reverence for both sides of my family from my parents.  The Ganders and Jarboes are just plain good folks.  Fun to be around, solidly middle class, smart, healthy, excellent ethics and values, salt of the earth, etc.  I was privileged to grow up surrounded by such great role models.

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Alice Bell