Kathleen Jarboe Montgomery

The family of Gerald and Kathleen Jarboe Montgomery
Kathleen_wedding.JPG (154781 bytes) January 2, 1936 Wedding portrait of Kathleen Jarboe
KATHLE~1.JPG (96238 bytes) January 2, 1936 Just married:  Gerald Martin Montgomery and Mildred Kathleen Jarboe

Kathleen Montgomery

gerald.jpg (83310 bytes) 1936 Gerald M. Montgomery in his Sinclair uniform.

Kathleen Montgomery

1939_Easter_cousins.jpg (94273 bytes) 1939 Easter Sunday.  Three 1st cousins:  Left, Anna Madge Buckman going on 3, Donald Gander going on 1, Gerry Montgomery, going on 2 at Jarboe Grandparents' in Monroe City, MO.

Photo courtesy of Jane Hightower

judy_baby.JPG (54924 bytes) 1940 Judith Jarboe Montgomery
Montgomerys_Monty.jpg (91534 bytes) 1940 Front:  Molly Montgomery, Gerry Montgomery, Judy Montgomery
Back:  Monty Carlson.
Montgomerys_sled.jpg (104973 bytes) Around 1949 Molly, Gerry and Judy Montgomery
Judy_Montgomery_HS.jpg (69703 bytes) Around 1958 Judith Jarboe Montgomery, daughter of Gerald and Kathleen Jarboe Montgomery
molly_judy_wed.JPG (103453 bytes) September 5, 1959 Double wedding of Floy and Judy Mahon and Molly and Bob Lamb
Laura_1959.jpg (107960 bytes) September 5, 1959 Laura Diane Buckman as the flower girl for the double wedding of Molly Montgomery and Bob Lamb and Judy Montgomery and Floyd Mahon.
kids easter.jpg (52247 bytes) Easter, 1967 Robbie, Denise, Michelle Lamb
heather.jpg (62692 bytes) Around 1998 Heather Mahon and Chris Simerda