2001 Photo Albums

Here are some of the family events from 2001
February 10, 2001:  The annual February Dinner was hosted by Cliff and Josephine Gander.
Spring 2001:  Photos from Guyla Buckman Behring
May 2001 Graduation Photos:  Eighth Grade graduation of Janelle Elizabeth Bradshaw.

Please send us some photos of other recent graduates

May 27, 2001 Picnic:  Fifth Worland, Jarboe Hamilton picnic
Summer 2001:  Buckman Reunion and other family gatherings.
July 2001:  Vincent and Kathleen Haby, son Travis visited Anna Lou Jarboe Jones in Red Lodge Montana.
August 3-5 2001:  Joe and Hope Goodwin visited with Hope's sister Alice Gander and her husband Joel Dobson.
September 2001:  The world was deeply shocked on September 11, 2001 when terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center in New York City and severely damaged the Pentagon in Washington D.C.  This little photo album is a tribute to the World Trade City and the vibrant and exciting city that has been so wounded.  Words can not express the horror of losing about 5,000 lives in the space of about an hour.  If it had been an earthquake or hurricane, it would be horrible but not as gut-wrenching as the terrorism is.  Who knows what is ahead? We must be up to the challenge!!!
Christmas 2001:  Cards, letters and photos from the family
Cliff Gander family Christmas 2001: