2000 Photo Albums

Here are some of the family events from 2000
January 8, 2000:  Joe and Hope Goodwin, daughters Jenny and Juliana visited Joel Dobson and Alice Gander.
Spring 2000:  Easter photos, new baby Chase Matthew Buckman.
May 4-7, 2000:  Harry and Anna Lou Jarboe Jones were visited in Montana by her sisters Kathleen Montgomery, Josephine Gander, nephew Monty Carlson and niece Alice Gander. Anna Lou, age 96, was recovering from pneumonia.

Hear her voice!  A lot of the conversation during this weekend was taped on audio cassette.  Hear a sample in which Anna Lou discusses her classmates in a 1910 photo of the students of Wright School.
May 20-28, 2000:  Photos from Alice Gander's May trip to Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.
May 26, 2000:  Graduation photos from Monroe City High School.  Six of the graduates, including three of the top 10, are descended from John Thomas Bell!  
May 28, 2000:  Photos from the Fourth Annual Memorial Day picnic at the Hamilton, Worland, Jarboe family cemetery.
June 10, 2000:  25th Wedding Anniversary Party for Bruce and Veronica Gander.
July 4, 2000:  Festivities in Monroe City.
Summer 2000:  A few snapshots of the family: Don Gander family, newlyweds Lance and Brooke Hightower, a fish fry for Kristopher Gander, photos of Guyla Buckman's children.

Please send more from your families!

October 2000:  Cliff and Josephine Gander made their 63rd Wedding Anniversary trip October 13-16 to visit Alice Gander and Joel Dobson in Greenville, South Carolina.  Don and Liz Gander went with them.  Jennifer Goodwin and son Joseph joined the family for a day during the weekend.  Jenny lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Also in this album, a photo graph of Monty Carlson's grandkids dressed for Halloween and photo of Kristopher Gander in the Marines.

December 16, 2000:  Wedding of Charleen Beth Haby and Chase Maxwell
Christmas 2000:  Catch the holiday spirit by checking out the Christmas Photos!