1999 Photo Albums

Here are some of the family events from 1999
March 26-28, 1999:  Gathering of Hope and Joe Goodwin family with the Montgomerys, Lambs, Mahons and Ganders at Hope and Joe's condo at the Lake of the Ozarks.   Includes photos of Cliff Gander telling his Minnesota Streaker story and of Marc and Peggy Montgomery's 30th anniversary toast.
March 26-28, 1999:  Mona Jo Gander spent a weekend in Paris with her aunt Alice Gander.  Mona was attending the University of Limerick in Ireland at the time and Alice was in France on business.
May 30, 1999:   Photos of the Memorial Day picnic at the Hamilton/Worland/Jarboe Cemetery.

June 20, 1999:  Photos of the dedication for the Trail of Death markers at North Fork.  The marker was provided by Cliff and Jo Gander.  The Trail of Death was the forced migration of 800 Potawatomi Indians from Indiana to Oklahoma in 1838.

July 4, 1999:  Photos of 4th of July Parade in Monroe City, kids and grandkids of Guy Buckman, family festivities at Cliff and Jo Gander's house complete with being buzzed by Del Buckman's plane, Pool party at Judy Mahon's in St. Louis.
July 1-8, 1999:  African Safari for the Joe and Hope Goodwin family to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

July 18, 1999: The Buckman Reunion.  A large family reunion was held at the lake in Columbia, Mo. to honor Kevin and Cindy Buckman.  


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August 28, 1999:  Wedding and reception for Heather Noel Mahon and Christopher Lee Simerda.  The wedding was at the home of Heather's parents, Floyd and Judy Mahon.



aaron01_small.jpg (1684 bytes) October 2, 1999:  Wedding reception for Aaron Robert Gander and Stacy Lea Harris
October 16, 1999:  Kevin Buckman memorial.  Sadly, the family lost Kevin to his illness on October 16, 1999.  Here is the memorial brochure made by his family, a photo from his funeral.

October/November 1999:

Halloween and Thanksgiving photos.  See Jane Hightower's turkey tree, Hope Goodwin's grandkids, the Montgomery clan in St. Charles, Guyla Buckman's kids,and some "classic" old halloween costumes.



Christmas Photo Album 1999:  

Christmas photos from Cliff and Jo Gander's family, photos from the cemetery in Shelbina with the memorial erected in 1998 donated by J.A. Buckman, a visit to Guy Buckman's house, and other family photos.